Weight Loss

Just 4

I have a big thing to do. 

I want (need?) to lose over 70 pounds. 

That feels huge. And impossible. Impossible to do, but also impossible to be.

I can’t. My heart and head believe that.

So what’s another beer? Plate of nachos (but they’re vegan!) Bag of chips? Package of Sour Patch Kids? After dinner bagel? Binge? 

“I’m working on my before picture.” I joke, but really I just want to cry. Sometimes I do.

But I can do 4 pounds I think. 

Not in a certain time frame. A week, a month, it’s alright. It’s just 4.

Not the 74. Just the 4. 

…I could?

Yes, that feels possible.

4 pounds between here and leaving the 200s behind.

That’s a small thing to do.