Monthly Review

Summer 2018 Weight Loss Update

The fields of Pennsylvania
The fields of Pennsylvania

It’s been a super busy summer and I haven’t posted a thing. It’s been full of travel, friends, family, fresh air, food, and drinks… and a few ups and downs on the weight loss front. This is a quick run through June, July, and August as I prepare to look forward into fall.


Here is my weight loss recap for May:

  • Weight: 202.5 lbs
  • BMI: 32.2 (Obese is 30 and over)
  • 252.25 total inches 


This month I walked a TON. I traveled to NYC and Denver and started taking long walks through my neighborhood in Chicago to admire the green thumbs of my neighbors. June also included a lot of food and drinks, so I didn’t lose any weight this month, although my measurements will show that I lost a few inches. With all the traveling, I’m pretty happy that I didn’t gain any weight, but since traveling regularly for work is a reality I know I’m going to have to figure out a way to not let that keep me from my weight loss goals.

Here’s my measurement breakdown:

  • Height: 5′ – 6.5″
  • Weight: 202.5lbs
  • BMI: 32.2 (Obese is 30 and over)
  • 252.25 total inches  

Half of those inches lost were from my waist, and then my hips, chest, and calves also went down half an inch each.


This month had me back in NYC, a week at my mom’s house in PA, and I also took a short trip to Portland Maine. I took a tumble off the pretending-to-eat-healthy wagon and my weight jumped up to a new all time high. This is partly why I haven’t posted at all this summer, I’ve been pretty disappointed with myself and not in a sharing mood. It’s all part of the journey though, and I don’t regret the extra time spent with friends. Or eating that amazing vegan sweet potato donut in Portland. 🙂

Here’s my measurement breakdown:

  • Weight: 207 lbs – New highest weight! 🙁
  • BMI: 32.9 (Obese is 30 and over) (+.7)
  • Total inches: 255.5 (+3.25)

My body is basically back to the size it was at the very start, and up 3 pounds since April. I can’t blame all of this on travel, though. Once I got home a lot of take out was ordered and beer consumed. It’s that tiny snowflake of a slip up that I let my mindset and attitude snowball into something so much bigger. 


The only travel this month was a week in San Francisco. The travel slow down was a nice change of pace and I got to focus on meal prepping clean whole food plant based food for the weeks I wasn’t traveling. I did still manage to have a few delicious drinks (anything jalapeño infused is a win in my book!) and deserts. Following a meal prepping plan really saved me (and money!) this month and I lost 7.5 pounds. I finally dipped below 200. I’m super proud of my hard work this month. 🙂

My measurement breakdown:

  • Weight: 199.5 lbs – Under 200!! 🎉 🎉 
  • BMI: 31.7 (Obese is 30 and over) (-1.2)

No measurements this month, I kept meaning to take them but lost the tape measure and then I got swept up in September. I’ve been feeling lighter and clothes that were starting to feel snug, feel like they have the tiniest amount of breathing room.

The Fall Ahead

With summer coming to a close, I feel good but skeptical of my progress. This is typical for me, this constant yo-yo-ing. Even with getting under the 200 pound mark being something worthy of celebrating, I sometimes still feel overwhelmed at how far I have to go. I start reliving all of the times I lost 5 pounds only to gain back 7 or 10. Or how often I’ve gained and lost the same 2 pounds between 202 and 204 over and over again. I’m worried about September, it’s another packed month full of travel and events. But even if I gain back all of the weight I lost in August, what’s left for me to do but to try again?